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My Life as a Tapestry

My life as a tapestry? Well that’s easy. The first picture would be of me, and of course my whole extended family, because they are basically the base of my life. Everyone would be sitting around talking and laughing in the living room, with its pale pink curtains across the huge window that faces outside. There are curved stairs to the left, leading you downstairs. There are two sofas sitting at an angle from the fireplace, overtop the dark brown hardwood floor.  In the picture, you would most definitely see my little brother running around acting crazy as usual, my dad cracking some joke, with a huge grin across his face, and my mom of course trying to keep everything under control. My mom has 8 brothers and sisters, and they all tend to be very loud, so you could just imagine how crazy it is!

The next picture- that would be of my gymnastics. I don’t even have to think twice about that one. Gymnastics became a huge part of my life when I was in kindergarten, and I didn’t even know it. But to this day, I’m still doing gymnastics! The picture would be of the gym in my old elementary school, Downes elementary, which at the time looked humungous to me. There were blue and tan tumbling mats stretched horizontally across the floor, with a vault at the end of one, and a mat behind that where we would practice our back handsprings. To the left of that are the 3 balance beams. The tiny practice one, the medium sized one, and of course the enormous one that was taller than I was. To the right were the bars. Some days they would be parallel, and others they would be uneven, depending on what we were working on.  You would see me on the tumble floor, because that has always been my favorite. Kelsey would be on the bars; I remember she always liked those. There were about 20 kids in our class, and Mrs. Wilson would always be walking around checking on everyone, and helping out, with of course, a big smile on her face.

Now the third picture- I would definitely imagine it as a soccer game.  It would be at Kells Park, where almost all of our games were held. I would be playing left midfield, and you would see my coach to the left, yelling out techniques and things to remember. I’ve been playing soccer since I was about 8 or 9, but the year I remember most was just last year, when I was 13. That was without a doubt my favorite year. My coach was Mr. Fairchild, and he would always be so into the game, you could practically see him jumping out of his skin. One of the best things about him was that if we made a mistake, he would always look on the bright side and never give us a hard time about it. He would just say “oh well, I guess we can work on that next time at practice” and act like nothing happened. We would have our offence lined up at the front- Abby, Sam, and Paul. Matt would be our goalie, and John, Cailey, and Kelly would be our defense. Kevin, Kye, and I would be the midfielders. We would have Stephanie and a few other people as our subs.  All 3 of my water bottles would be empty, because it’s insane how much water we need to drink to keep from passing out in the humid weather. There would be tons and tons of folding chairs along the sidelines, where people would watch and cheer. At the end of every game, my brother and I would peel off our cleats, shin guards, and socks. My dad would always take me home in his dark green truck, with the windows down, and I remember me and my brother sticking our heads as far out the windows as they would go, just to feel the breeze against our hot, sweaty bodies.

The next photograph would be the most recent one. I can see it clearly of a swim meet. The humungous one we had against North Star, in particular. North Star had been the champions for as long as anyone on any swim team could remember, and nobody had stood a chance at beating them for the longest time. Then, we finally beat them seven years ago, and haven’t lost since then. Our coach is absolutely determined to never loose to them again, and if we did- well we can just say he would not be that happy of a camper! I wasn’t on the team when they were beaten for the first time; in fact, I just joined the swim team this summer of 2007. People had always told me that “I had a swimmers body” and that “from gymnastics you’d be great because your so muscular” etc, but I had never actually considered it until this year. My dad was a professional swimmer, and in fact, he was the 18th fastest swimmer in the world when he was 14 years old. But back to the point- this year we had lost a lot of swimmers on the team, and a lot of very, very, very good swimmers at that. So we weren’t so sure how well we would do this year. And of course, the big meet against North Star was TOMORROW MORNING, at 7:30, sharp. I can see the picture clearly. I can even feel the butterflies in my stomach. It was a home meet. Our pool is bigger than all the rest, because it’s a meters pool. You can see the huge trees in the background, and the sun reflecting off the water. I swam with the open girls- fifteen and over, even though I was only fourteen. There would be 2 on each side of me, and I would be shorter than the rest, how it always was. You would see the announcer to the left, holding the obnoxious beeper in his hand. Everyone would be crowded around the sides of the pool as far as they could, cheering their hearts out for you. The sun would be way up in the cloudless sky. If you looked behind you at the parking lot, you would notice that there was barley enough room to move around in it. The snack bar would be jam packed and moving busily along. This is one of my freshest memories, and one of the best. It was the very end of the meet, and everyone was waiting intently for the announcer to say the final score. I could feel my palms sweating, I was so excited. Finally, the announcer said “Persimmon Creek- 393 points……………… and North Star- 292 points.” You could hear the whole side of the pool that my team was on scream in excitement. We had won by 101 points!

Family, gymnastics, soccer, and swimming. That pretty much completes me. And that’s not even it yet- I’ve still got my whole life ahead of me, so stay tuned!


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